Studio Sozo Legacy Video Packages

      • All of the packages offered can be adapted to your specific needs.
      • They are suggested templates to help you get an idea of what is possible.
      • We will work with you to create your unique documentary.



1. Basic Package A: starts at $1,450

This is our basic budget package that allows you to capture the most important stories for yourself or loved one. This package includes a pre-interview on the telephone  (no pre-interview home visit).

  • 10 – 30 minute Program
  • One Interview – approximately 1 hour interview time on location
  • Edited lightly (to eliminate pauses and repetition)
  • 2 DVDs, no menu, includes label – black text on white
  • DVD of original uncut interview
  • video site access code*

2. Basic Package B:  starts at $2,650

This program is for the camera shy but who have lots of great old family photos, video or film you want preserved.  It’s a great way to identify the images and have it presented in a professional finished program (no pre-interview home visit).

  • 30 minute Program
  • One Voice over session (1 hour studio time)
  • Photographs, up to 25 scanned (photos greater than 8.5” x 11” additional cost)
  • Home video or film footage, up to 2 hours transferred **
  • 2 DVDs no menu, text label
  • video site access code*

3. Premium Package: starts at $3,750

This package allows for a longer interview and a home visit before production. It incorporates photographs, personal mementos, letters or documents and music.

  • up to 30 – 45 minute Program
  • One Interview (1 to 2 people together) up to 1 ½ hour interview time on location
  • Photographs or documents scanned (up to 25) and integrated into program (photos greater than 8.5” x 11” additional cost)
  • Music, up to10 minutes (specific songs or music may have additional costs)
  • 4 DVDs, auto play, no menu
  • Labels for DVD and simple case, with one photo background plus text
  • DVD of original uncut interview
  • video site access code*

4. Deluxe Package: starts at $7,950

This package is a great option for a full documentary look, but with a tighter budget in mind. We consolidate all of the production into one day at the same location.

  • up to 60 – 75 minute Program
  • One main Interview – up to 2 ½ hour interview time on location
  • ½ hour of video taping main participant doing one activity at same location (cooking old favorite family recipe, dancing, gardening, wood shop, sewing, sports, play cards, any favorite memorable activity,etc.)
  • Up to 3, 10 minute interviews with family or friends (same location, same day)
  • Photographs, up to 25 scanned (photos greater than 8.5” x 11” additional cost)
  • Music integrated into program (specific songs or music may have additional costs)
  • Family video or films, 5 excerpts that you select, (10 minute maximum used in final program) up to 4 hours transferred **
  • 10 DVDs, with full color, menu and chapters
  • Labels for DVD and case, custom with full color (multiple photos)
  • DVD of original uncut interviews and visuals
  • video site access code*

5. Super Documentary Package: Custom, starts at $20,000

This is your opportunity to turn your story into a full, sophisticated, documentary.  There is no limit to the length, locations, number of interviews or activity videotaping.  It incorporates all of the elements in the other packages plus it can include:

  •  Unlimited number of photographs, old video or film, family audio recordings, memorabilia or writings that make the program unique.
  • We can interview a long lost cousin, or a great aunt that you rarely get to see; family members that live fair away or that special childhood friend that has been your parent’s pen pal all through the years.
  • Interested in discovering your roots? We can travel with you back to “the old country” to meet distant relatives. Costs include crew travel and expenses.
  • Taking several days over the course of a month to do interviews can help people become more relaxed and uncover new stories. Also interviewing while doing some activity at different locations can help spark memories.
  • We will travel (almost) anywhere in the world.
  • We can include sound effects as well as the music.
  • DVD copies that include custom titles, graphics, laser printing.
  • Hard drive and or DVDs that include the final program plus the original, uncut interviews and visuals.

Ask About Our EXTRAS (available on packages 1-4):

  • Each additional day of video taping – $1250/day
  • Each additional hour of interview – $150/hour
  • All packages include one free hour of re-edits per project. Each additional hour of re-editing – $150/hour
  • Additional – $100 minimum per minute (specific music, including custom may have additional costs)
  • Additional voice over studio recording time – $150/hour
  • Each additional 10 minutes of finished program – $1,000
  • Transcripts (on paper and or burned to CD) – $1.00/ minutes of interview+ 10% handling and print fees (custom)
  • Additional Photographs scanned – $20/photograph used in program
  • Additional DVD –  $15/DVD (for black and white); $20/DVD (for full color)
  • DVD with menus, chapters, full color labels –  $1,250

Photo Album to accompany the documentary:

  • 36 page (up to 100 photographs) start at $450 (depending on size and cover)
  • Additional page added to Photo Album – $10/page
  • Additional Albums $15 – $60/album + shipping (depending on size and cover)

6. Audio only Package: $500

Some people (like my own mother) refuse to be videotaped.  Just in case your loved one will at least agree to an audio recording, we wanted to offer this inexpensive option.

  • 10 – 15 minute finished program
  • One Interview – up to 1 hour
  • Edited lightly (to eliminate pauses and repetition)
  • 2 CDs finished program
  • 1CD of full interview
  • Label, black on white with text (full color at additional cost)

Additional Options (for Audio only):

  • Full color CD label – $50; each additional labeled CD – $10; unlabeled – $5
  • Each additional hour of interviewing – $50/hour
  • Each additional hour of editing – $100/hour


*Vimeo access is optional and can be private or public.

** Your family video or film excerpts need to be transferred to the digital form .mov or on DVD.  Or we can have them transferred for an additional cost of $40/hour for any video format, film transfers $.25/ foot with minimum of 400 feet, + handling fee 10%). us!