Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Legacy Video?

A Legacy Video made by Studio Sozo is a professionally filmed and edited video that captures the essence of a person, event, story or memories that you wish to preserve for and share with your family and future generations. The video can include interviews with one or more people, documents such as photographs, letters, home movies or recordings, and footage of the subject engaging in an activity of their choice (such as dancing, cooking, gardening, playing music, etc.). You can receive your video online as well as in DVD format.

How long does it take to make a legacy video?

Every project is different. Each video we make is personally crafted by award-winning professionals who uniquely design your video legacy in respect to what is important to you, and what your project goals are. The time frame for a project depends on the length and number of people to be interviewed, scheduling, travel requirements, and accessibility and availability of personal documents such as photographs, letters, and family movies. Smaller packages take less time to complete, sometimes only several weeks, while larger packages and documentary-style productions can take months. We will discuss the timeline before we start and make sure that you will have your legacy video when expected. Many time frames include a special occasion such as a reunion, birthday, or anniversary. It’s important to start early – the more complex the project, the more time we will need!

How much does a Legacy Video cost?

Every project is different, and cost is entirely determined by which package you choose, and what you want out of your legacy video. Legacy audio and albums cost less, while lengthy interviews, long videos, extensive editing, and inclusion of multimedia costs more. We do our best to work with your budget, and we can create custom packages for any price range. Standard legacy video packages run from $2,500 to over $100,000 and more for certain custom projects. Please see our Pricing and Packages page for more information, and contact us about your project idea if you would like a custom quote.

How is a Legacy Video made?

See Our Process page for more detailed information concerning the process that Studio Sozo uses, and what will be involved on your end. After a package is selected and an interview is scheduled, we give you a Pre-Interview Prep document that includes explanations of what to expect, an interview guide, and directions on how to prepare. We will also give you a general list of subjects for questions, and a questionnaire to be filled out before the interview. We like to tailor every Legacy Video to what each individual wants. We do this by asking you to think about what it is that you want out of your video, and specific questions or subjects that you would like to have covered in the interview, such as particular memories, events, people, places and things. A pre-interview conversation helps everyone get comfortable and allows us to learn about specific subjects you would like to highlight. After the interview, the footage is edited, all necessary documents are included, and a completed video is delivered to you.

Why should I hire Studio Sozo to make my Legacy Video?

Studio Sozo’s founder and Creative Director and Producer, Pamela Hoge, is a highly accomplished, award-winning interviewer, documentary filmmaker and visual storyteller with over 35 years of experience. In addition to making documentaries, Pamela has experience producing, educational films, giving live television and radio interviews, and directing local programming for television, Internet, and special showings. Pamela will bring her compassion and experience with people from all walks of life and her talents to create a legacy video that you and your family will cherish for generations to come. Read more about Pamela here. Let an Emmy award-winning film producer tell your story!

How long is a Legacy Video?

Legacy Videos vary in length depending on the package. Most generally last between 20 minutes and 1.5 hours.

How can I share my completed Legacy Video with my friends and family?

Studio Sozo Legacy Videos allows the option of posting your completed Legacy Video online, in a private or public format. You can direct your friends and family to the posted video, or purchase additional DVD’s to distribute. Studio Sozo will not post your video without your consent – we value your privacy and any wish for confidentiality.

I would like a Legacy Video to give as a gift at an upcoming event. Will my video be ready?

We will work with you to try to meet your deadlines, however, depending on the time frame, we may not be able to have your legacy video ready by your desired date. We will discuss this with you early in the process, and you will know before you purchase whether your deadline is feasible or not. As an alternative, if your deadline is very soon, you may still purchase a Legacy Video and present your gift recipient with one of our special Studio Sozo Legacy Videos Gift Certificates. These are available upon request and are redeemable in reference only to your specific project.

I do not live in the Boulder/Denver area. Can you still make my Legacy Video?

Yes. However, travel costs for you or the production team will need to be included in the cost of your video. For relatives who do not live nearby, family reunions and events are often good times to get interviews.

I want a Legacy Video for a specific event (wedding, birth, celebration etc.) or for a special subject (my pet, myself and my spouse, etc.), can you accommodate?

Yes. We offer custom packages that can cover any event. Studio Sozo has years of experience filming weddings, parties, and even live births! We can accommodate almost any special request with a custom project. Please contact us with a description of what you would like.

What forms of payment do you accept?

While PayPal is our preferred payment option, we accept all major credit cards through Google Checkout (you must have an account), along with certified checks and money orders. Since we use reputable third-party systems (PayPal and Google Checkout), all of your personal identification and payment information is secure. us!